domingo, fevereiro 19, 2017


My life felt stuck. So I decided to run. It was my natural response. I just wanted to get away. I laced my shoes and started running — by the time I came back, I felt tired and energized at the same time. I knew I was on to something.
Every time life became difficult I would give up. When I wanted to travel the world after college, I decided that I did not have money — so I told myself I should save money. Years passed, and that round-the-world trip never happened — I was scared to be away from home for a long time.
Now, when life is difficult, my response is different — I love the pain and struggle instead of shy away from it. I owe this to running.
And the best thing about running is that is easy to start. You just go. You decide when, where, and how fast.
To me, running is exactly as life. It’s hard, you do not always want to do it, summers are better than winters, and you feel better when you have new shoes. But it’s worth it. After the pain comes happiness, both in life and in running. That’s why my life is moving forward again — I’ve never stopped running for a day. You should try it too.

Isso tudo pra introduzir a notícia: me inscrevi numa maratona pra esse primeiro semestre.